Life Balance Management


​Your Personal Lifestyle Manager
Welcome to Life Balance Management, my name is Angelique Carter your Personal Lifestyle Manager. 
Over 20 years ago when reaching a crossroad in life, everything was changing and I knew that with these changes, I wanted to be more fulfilled in all that I was doing. I had established a career within the corporate arena and it had also began to 
shift, adding to my desire to have a business of my own. After researching options and establishing a business plan, I moved forward into a different direction and my journey began.

As a parent in the work force, life was always full with family and everything in between and at times even fast and furious but I had my methods to this routine and a knack for staying organized and keeping life in a balanced flow. 
This knack became part of my niche in business and combined with my experience in marketing and management, my organizational skills to detail and yes, a few compulsive tendencies, I was on my way to making a dream of being a business owner a reality.

Moving forward into years of many unique assignments, my focus has always been to simplify what seems unmanageable with a creative style and resourceful technique, while keeping time well managed and tasks accomplished. 

Many of my organizational sessions have taken me from closet to office space turning chaos into functional movement onto more meticulous projects which have required focused efforts to time management, client preference and long term has truly been an adventure. 

Along with my variety of experience within the industry, I have also made a wonderful circle of friends connecting me to many resources and like minded colleagues in my community. My journey of experience and learning has been a pivotal part of who I am and why I love what I do.

On a personal note, my family and friends mean the world to me and my home life is sacred. I love music, culture, art and everything homemaking with much of my favorite time being spent on gardening, cooking, do it yourself home projects and interior design. The adventures of traveling to new heights and sights is such a pleasure for me and the opportunities to gain in knowledge or experience continue to contribute to my personal enrichment.

My efforts are to live each day of life to it's fullest with intent, integrity and an enlightened spirit for all my blessings.

I am looking forward to assisting you in making life and your movement in it more organized, functional and easier to maintain.​

Keep it simple~